List of Engineering Courses in India

Here you will find details on List of Engineering Courses in India along with their respective categories. The list consists of various engineering courses which is categorized by different branches of Engineering field.

Engineering Courses in India

Course NameCourse Category
Aeronautical EngineeringAeronautical
Aerospace EngineeringAeronautical
Agricultural and Food EngineeringAgricultural
Agricultural and Irrigation EngineeringAgricultural
Agricultural EngineeringAgricultural
Aircraft Manufacturing EngineeringAeronautical
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Electronics
Architecture Engineering Architecture
Automation and Robotics Others
Automobile Engineering Automobile
Automotive Engineering Automobile
Bio Engineering Life Sciences
Bio-Medical and Instrumentation Engineering Life Sciences
Biochemical Engineering

Life Sciences
Biological Sciences and BioengineeringLife Sciences
Biomedical Engineering Life Sciences
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Life Sciences
Biotechnology Engineering Life Sciences
Building and Construction Engineering Civil
Carpet and Textile Technology Textile
Ceramic Engineering Ceramic
Ceramics and Cement Engineering Ceramic
Chemical and Polymer Engineering Chemical
Chemical Ceramic Technology Chemical
Chemical Engineering Chemical
Civil and Structural Engineering Civil
Civil Engineering Civil
Civil Environmental Engineering Civil
Computer Science Engineering Computer Science
Construction Technology Civil
Construction Technology and Management Civil
Dairy Technology Food
Disaster management Others
Economics Social Sciences
Electrical and Communications Engineering Electrical
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electrical
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Electrical
Electrical Engineering Electrical
Electronics and Biomedical Engineering Life Sciences
Electronics and Communication EngineeringElectronics
Electronics and Computer Engineering Electronics
Electronics and Electrical Communication Electronics
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Electronics
Electronics and Media Technology Electronics
Electronics and Power Engineering Electronics
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Electronics
Electronics Control Systems Engineering Electronics
Electronics EngineeringElectronics
Electronics Engineering - Design and Manufacturing Electronics
Electronics Product Design Technology Electronics
Energy Management Energy and Environment
Engineering Chemistry General Science
Engineering Physics General Science
Environmental Engineering Others
Fashion and Apparel EngineeringFashion
Fashion Technology Fashion
Food and Biochemical Engineering Food
Food Processing and Technology Food
Food Technology Food
General Science General Science
Genetic Engineering Life Sciences
Geo informatics Geotechnical
Geosciences and Remote Sensing Geotechnical
Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical
Industrial and Production Engineering Production
Industrial Biotechnology Life Sciences
Industrial Design Production
Industrial Engineering Production
Information and Communication Technology Computer Science
Information Science Engineering Computer Science
Information Technology Computer Science
Instrumentation and Control Engineering Instrumentation
Instrumentation Technology Instrumentation
Jute and Fiber Technology Textile
Leather Technology Others
Man Made Fiber Technology Textile
Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing
Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering Manufacturing
Marine Engineering Marine
Materials Science and Technology Others
Mathematics and Computing Engineering Computer Science
Mechanical (Automobile)Mechanical
Mechanical and Automation Engineering Mechanical
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Mechanical
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Design and Manufacturing Mechanical
Mechanical(Production) Engineering Mechanical
Mechanics Mechanical
Mechatronics Engineering Mechanical
Medical Electronics Electronics
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Metallurgy
Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgy
Micro-Biology and Immunology Engineering Life Sciences
Mineral Engineering Mining
Mining Engineering Mining
Mining Machinery Engineering Mining
Nano Technology and RoboticsNano Technology
Nano Technology Engineering Nano Technology
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Marine
Naval Architecture and OceanEngineering Marine
Nuclear Engineering Others
Oil and Paint Technology Petroleum
Paint Technology Petroleum
Petrochemical Engineering Chemical
Petroleum Engineering Petroleum
Pharmaceutical Technology Pharmaceutical
Plastic Engineering Others
Polymer TechnologyPolymer
Power ElectronicsElectronics
Power Engineering Electrical
Precision ManufacturingOthers
Printing and Packaging Technology Printing
Printing Graphics and Packaging Printing
Printing TechnologyPrinting
Production Engineering Production
Production Engineering and Management Production
Pulp and Paper TechnologyPrinting
Rubber TechnologyOthers
Safety and Fire Engineering Others
Silk Technology Others
Software Engineering Computer Science
Sugar TechnologyOthers
Systems Science Engineering Others
Telecommunication Electronics
Textile Chemistry Textile
Textile Engineering Textile
Textile Production Textile
Textile Technology Textile
Thermal Engineering Thermal
Tool Engineering Mechanical
Transportation Engineering Others
Water ManagementOthers

Engineering Courses

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