ISC Timetable 2015 Class 12

ISC Timetable 2015 for Class 12th has been officially announced by the Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE board). Students are requested to download this timetable from below to boost your planning for ISC exam. According to ISC timetable 2015 the examination is commencing on 9th February, 2015 and will be end by 1st April, 2015.

ISC Timetable 2015 Class 12th

Date and DaySubjectsTime
9th February, 2015Physics Paper 2 (Practical)9:00 AM
10th February, 2015Indian Music Hindustani Paper 2 (Practical)
Indian Music - Carnatic Paper 2 (Practical)
Home Science Paper 2 (Practical) – Planning Session
9:00 AM
11th February, 2015Chemistry Paper 2 (Practical)
9:00 AM
12th February, 2015Home Science Paper 2 (Practical) – Examination Session9:00 AM
13th February, 2015Biology Paper 2 (Practical)9:00 AM
14th February, 2015Art Paper 1
Biotechnology Paper 2 (Practical)
9:00 AM
16th February, 2015Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)
Planning Session
Examination Session 
9:00 AM
18th February, 2015Sociology2:00 PM
20th February, 2015Home Science Paper 1 (Theory)
Geom. and Mechanical Drawing
Geom. and Building Drawing
2:00 PM
21st February, 2015Art Paper 29:00 AM
23rd February, 2015Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory)2:00 PM
24th February, 2015Fashion Designing Paper 2 (Practical)9:00 AM
25th February, 2015Physical Education Paper 1 (Theory)2:00 PM
27th February, 2015English Paper 12:00 PM
28th February, 2015Art Paper 39:00 AM
2nd March, 2015English Paper 22:00 PM
4th March, 2015Psychology2:00 PM
7th March, 2015Elective English2:00 PM
10th March, 2015Physics Paper 1 (Theory)2:00 PM
11th March, 2015Indian Music - Hindustani Paper 1 (Theory)
Indian Music - Carnatic Paper 1 (Theory)
Fashion Designing Paper 1 (Theory)
2:00 PM
12th March, 2015Commerce
Electricity and Electronics
2:00 PM
13th March, 2015Political Science2:00 PM
14th March, 2015Art Paper 49:00 AM
16th March, 2015Mathematics
2:00 PM
18th March, 2015Business Studies2:00 PM
19th March, 2015Art Paper 59:00 AM
20th March, 2015Chemistry Paper 1 (Theory)2:00 PM
23rd March, 2015Economics2:00 PM
25th March, 2015Biology Paper 1 (Theory)2:00 PM
26th March, 2015Accounts2:00 PM
27th March, 2015Geography
Biotechnology Paper 1 (Theory)
2:00 PM
30th March, 2015History2:00 PM
31st March, 2015Indian/ Foreign Languages
Classical Languages
2:00 PM
1st April, 2015Environmental Science Paper 1(Theory) 2:00 PM

ISC Timetable 2015 Class 12

Important Notes:-
  • In addition to the time indicated on the timetable for writing the paper, 15 minutes time is given for reading the question paper.
  • The Question Papers for practical examinations may be distributed to the candidates at 8.45 A.M. to enable them to start writing at 9.00 A.M.
  • The Question Papers for theory examinations may be distributed to the candidates at 1.45 P.M. to enable them to start writing at 2.00 P.M.
  • Practical Examination of Physical Education Paper 2 may be held on any convenient day after 09th February 2015.

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