Preparation Tips & Tricks to crack AIIMS 2014 Exam

Following we have provided some tips to crack your AIIMS 2014 Medical Exam.

  • Study according to a study plan so your time is optimally used
  • Prepare the study plan allotting more time for your weak areas
  • Complete the syllabus then focus on revision
  • Study from your textbooks, notes and explanatory multiple choice question books
  • Utilize previous year/sample papers, make note of trends and practice to increase your speed.
  • After completing assess where you made errors and how to correct them
  • Use mnemonics for hard to remember details
  • Increase your studying gradually so it doesnâ??t come as a sudden pressure
  • Close to the exam focus on only revising
  • Participate in group discussions with friends to discuss course topics (each person speak on one topic and then have MCQs)
  • As the exam has negative marking answer the questions carefully, if you are not sure of the answer you should skip it


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