CAT 2014 English (Verbal Ability) Syllabus

•    Vocabulary Based (Synonyms Antonyms)
•    English Usage or Grammar
•    Sentence Correction
•    Fill in the blanks
•    Cloze Passage
•    Analogies or Reverse Analogies
•    Jumbled Paragraph
•    Meaning-Usage Match
•    Summary Questions
•    Verbal Reasoning
•    Facts / Inferences / Judgements
•    Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary: Vocabulary questions test the applicant’s knowledge of the main meanings of words, secondary shades of meaning, practice, idioms and phrases, antonyms, related words, etc.

CAT Verbal AbilityGrammar: Grammar-based questions test the applicant’s ability to spot and accurate grammatical errors. CAT usually tests knowledge of high school level grammar and comprises areas like subject-verb agreement, use of modifiers, parallel construction, redundancy, phrasal verbs, use of articles, prepositions, etc.

Verbal Reasoning: Verbal reasoning questions are designed to test the candidate’s ability to identify relationships or patterns within groups of words or sentences.


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